Genderized Music

If your realize it or not, music today is subliminally categorized within genders. Men usually listen to Rock (i.e. Metallica), Rap (i.e. Eminem) and Scremo (i.e. Broken Side). Notice that all these bands have songs about anger, sex, drugs and death. Through this classification these topics could be considered "Manly." On the feminine side we have R&B, Light Rock and Emo. These bands sing about love, marriage and a perfect world. These could also be determined as "female" topics. Of course, these are merely speculations at something far more complicated. Girls can like scremo or rock and guys can like R&B or Light Rock. But most people in the U.S. can agree that music today is aimed at certain genders.

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  1. Marsh! Nice post. Guess who: I'll give you a hint: BRICK