Do you ever feel like too much pressure is placed on you? Like as if all of your friends and family want help and you just dont have the time or reasources? Like all of the decisions are up to you and you can't make the wrong choice? Decicions change us and the people around us and making the right decision is never easy. Ever. No matter how small or how large it is always difficult. Of course the larger a decicion the more you have to weigh the options. If im buying food, it would be easy and I could tell you very quickly what I wanted. However, if your talking about what 4 year college I want to go to... Thats a different matter. I would have to call the colleges find out their programs and spend months on this one choice and i would keep reminding myself that its all up to me. Theres no way to avoid decisions. You have to take them as they arrive and choose what you want.

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